Normal, healthy gums have small pockets around each tooth ( a pocket is the space there is between the gumline that you see, and the underlying bone that is visible on an x-ray). The bacteria and infection associated with gum disease (periodontitis) causes these pockets to become deeper/longer, trapping more bacteria and causing more bleeding, redness and bad breath. These deep pockets become uncleansable with regular tooth brushing and regular dental cleanings.


When the pockets become too deep for scaling and root planing, a Pocket Depth Reduction procedure is often a solution. During a Pocket Depth Reduction procedure,  we remove the disease-causing bacteria and infection, thoroughly clean and smoothe the tooth root surfaces. We then reestablishes cleansable, shallower pocket around the teeth.





Crown Lengthening is a predictable surgical procedure in which we adjust the position of the gum around the affected tooth, thereby providing more tooth exposure to anchor the restoration of choice. A functional crown lengthening will help you regain a beautiful smile and allow you to eat and speak with comfort and confidence.





Rebuilding Lost Soft (gum) and Hard (bone) Tissue around Teeth.


Damage from periodontal disease can result in severe loss of gum and bone around your teeth, causing them to become loose and/or shift position. To correct this problem, a Bone and Tissue Regeneration procedure may be necessary to reverse this loss and save your teeth.


The disease-causing bacteria and infection is removed, specific regenerative materials will be placed in the affected areas to help your body naturally heal and regrow bone and tissue.


Regeneration of the bone and tissue, along with a customized home care program and proper professional cleanings, will greatly increase your chances of keeping your natural teeth and preserving your smile.






















Surgical Therapy

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